Hot Water Heater Installation, Maintenance and Repair Service

Our plumbers offer installation, maintenance and water heater repair services for almost all types of water heaters. We can install and repair traditional gas and electric water heaters from all manufacturers and brands.

We can also install, repair, and service tankless water heaters, which are energy efficient water heaters that heat water instantly, as it is needed. Waterworx offers these water heater repair and installation services at affordable rates to clients located in and around Western Sydney.

Hot Water Installation:

Waterworx  Plumbing Solutions installs pretty much any brand depending on the client/ situation. We install all types including: electric storage, electric instantaneous, gas storage, gas instantaneous.

Gleamous Electric Instantaneous Hot Water Systems


Waterworx Plumbing Solutions are the official installer of Gleamous Electric Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters  (

To learn more about our water heater installation, maintenance and water heater repair services, please contact Waterworx Plumbing Solutions.

Our plumbers can offer you a complete variety of water heater repair and additional plumbing services in order to meet all of your needs.

Waterworx Plumbing Solutions offer the following first class services:

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Hot Water Service